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Market Analysis

Ameann Beauty will find the niche in your particular market while considering favorable price points in order to poise your product line for success, from beginning to end. We are committed to helping you avoid the common pitfalls that inhibit the development and launch of viable, stand-out products into your specialized marketplace. Using in-depth trend analysis and competitive landscaping, we’ll guide you by taking the guesswork out of what, where, when and how much.

What You Get From Market Analysis

  • Trend Intelligence Insight
  • Reality Research
  • Online Research
  • In-Store Research
  • Competitive Market Analysis
  • Brand Concept Ideation Strategy
  • Product Concept Inspiration Boards

Brand Development

Once our competitive research has envisioned a prospective marketplace, the dreams and ideologies of the founder(s) are weaved into a unique, consumer desired brand. This stage deals with all aspects of development fluidly, from ingredient technology to logo creation as well as brand/packaging design. This provides you with a blueprint for brand integrity during product development, all the way through to the launch, and finally to distribution.

What You Get From Brand Development

  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Strategy
  • Optimal Distribution
  • Mission and Voice Strategy
  • Brand and Product Naming
  • Copy Voice and Tone
  • Logo Design
  • Package Design and Sourcing
  • Graphic Design
  • Unique Product Technology
  • Hero Image Concepts
  • Qualitative Product Concept Testing
  • Brand Story Deck

Product Development

It is here that we connect you with brilliant scientific formulators, and industry- leading packaging designers and suppliers. We contract with labs to create and produce your nuanced, cutting-edge products complete with on-trend, yet timeless, packaging. Ameann Beauty orchestrates and oversees the entire process, ensuring that your product’s first impression is second to none.

How We Develop Your Product

  • Innovative New Product Concepts
  • Research Ingredient Technology
  • Oversee R&D team
  • Project Management
  • Oversee Clinical Testing
  • Formula Design & Development
  • Technologies and Ingredients
  • Product Testing & Regulatory
  • New Supplier Resources
  • Cost of Goods Analysis & Reduction

Engage the Market

Duly noted as one of the most important aspects of bringing a product line to market, effectively communicating your exclusive message to the press, retailers, and eventually consumers is paramount. Here we collectively devise your launch strategy and create innovative and customized promotional materials and websites to successfully create a buzz in today’s evolving, rapid-paced, and multi-faceted marketplace.

What You Get From Market Engagement

  • Retail Presentation Decks
  • Marketing Collateral
  • In-store Design
  • Sales & Training Materials
  • Front-end Web Design
  • Promotional Planning
  • Retailer Presentation Deck
  • Product Sell Sheets
  • Product Photography
  • Consumer Usage Guides
  • Promotional Support Tools

Distribution Strategy

Since getting your product out to the consumer will ultimately dictate your overall success, Ameann Beauty taps into our 15+ years of experience in the distribution game, finding you the right partner to move your custom product line into the marketplace with speed, strength, and precision.

What You Get From a Distribution Strategy

  • Distribution Plan of Action
  • Expert Distribution Contacts